dolce caramello

Smooth and creamy indulgence


A truly smooth and decadent milk based Caramel Liqueur. 

Hints of maple syrup and toffee makes this sweet Liqueur rich and creamy that has an indulgent smoothness.

Best served straight from the freezer and poured into a glass with crushed ice, as an ingredient to Cocktails or simply poured over ice cream. Can also be paired with Dolce Cocco or Dolce Menta.


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Caramello Liqueur

Caramel Martini

Dolce Caramello

A caramel spin on the martini. Mix 60ml Dolce Caramello with 30ml vodka.

Red Velvet

Dolce Caramello

A dessert cocktail that’s rich and full of flavour. Mix 60ml Dolce Caramello, 30ml vodka, 6 muddled raspberries, 1 drop of red food colouring and chocolate bitters. Shake with ice and strain into a glass.